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Photo courtesy of CHARLES TRAINOR JR

REC Player team

We develop solutions for commercial and personal use, with American technology, experience and resources.

REC PLAYER is a company dedicated to the development of technological products based in Miami (USA). Created by a group of visionaries who see technology as a means to create, design and generate commercial solutions for people and companies.

How we work

We analyze current trends and investigate the needs of our clients and the market, looking for solutions to these needs and opportunities, we develop a product that has real commercial potential.

These products or solutions are developed using the resources, skills and experience of our team, the product is then tested and adjusted before being marketed.

Our products have four basic characteristics:

  • They are practical, easy to install, use and maintain
  • Our products are “Customizable”, so that they are attractive to your brand or company.
  • They are attractive, either for their design or technology.
  • They are competitively priced.